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    Best 12" trailer tires

    Yesterday had my first blowout on my double trailer with Carlisle 145 R12 load range E tires on it. Put spare on to make it last hour home. This a.m. looked at trailer and other OEM tire is flat. Guess it's time for two new tires. Searched here and found concensus is that Carlisle is crap. Going to switch to radials as I drive mostly highway. Found only Kenda Karrier S-Trail ST145/R12 radial. Would go ahead with Load Range E for max weight bearing. Problem is that Kenda is made in China. Other threads talk about Towmaster & Maxxis but I can't find that they make 12" tires. Do I go with Kenda or is there something better?

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    I have had experience with all brands of ST 145R 12's in the marketplace as Triton only allows the use of that radial on its non elite double trailer.. I have had good luck with D range Trailermasters which are available in our market here in Florida and E range Kenda's...Triton OEM is the Kenda product and I believe it to be the best just based on feedback from our customers and running the tires myself. They are expensive but I have a few that have lasted with 12,000 miles of driving on a dual axle trailer we use for deliveries, no belt shift, bubbles etc and great tread wear. The compounds on the Trailmasters are a bit softer. I can mail you a kenda wheel and tire (st145r12E) in Galv including shipping to NC for about $150 each. They are hard to find and very expensive but they do last. Hope this info helps.

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