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    True seniors class for 2013 Jettribe West coast tour

    After posting the hope of getting a true Seniours Class going, it appears that riders are embarrassed at been over 50,well at 65 next year I'm not I love giving younger people a run for there money,any one at 50 I'll be giving you 15 years and I'm not very good at watercraft racing as I've only been doing it for 3years and love the thrill of racing, ( have raced cars for 35years including the 24hrs of Daytona), this type of racing is much cheaper than cars, I started with my 2008 SHO and still have this runnerabout.
    I only need 6 confermed people to start the class and Ross will enter it.

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    @ 56 I am wanting to race ... used to race Dirt / Moto ...

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    I know I would if I could, need another year to heal though. And can he come up with a better name than "senior" division?

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    It's not that I chose the senior wording it was brought about by AJ from last year when I went to Palm beach Florida to enter a super seniors class of over 55s.
    I'm just so tired of the Vets being 38 and masters at 40 they have 25 years on me. So I traveled 4800miles just to see and thought it was a good idea I'm open to any suggestions.

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    Glad to hear that you want to race, that's how I got into the sport after racing for over 40years in all classes of cars, cheaper by far and in generall people are friendly

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    I am 54 and have raced here in Region 5 for 3 years now and race both closed course and the Sprint/Endurance races,
    I like where this is going, and it would be great at World Finals,
    But on the local level, we barely have enough racers to fill a certain class or Moto,

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    I think you could be correct and the economic sittuation does not help, but I still feel that us over 50s should race together, do you like giving 16yrs to a so called vet, that probably dropped out of the pro class so he or she can add fuel to there resume,maybe vet/masters should be dropped, not sure, sensable advise or suggestions appreciated.

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    I was at that race with my son. Was going to enter that senior race but I didn't want to put excess pressure on my son's ski. If i remember correctly, you took a little swim on the 1st lap. That's ok, a lot of people did! I'm always down for a race with my peers. At 60, it takes a little while longer to recoup.


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    Hi guys,nice to here from you again that was an adventure for me met a lot of nice peolple, I was awarded 10out of 10 for dismount, HAHA, still would like to come back east and play some more maybe when my new engine is finished, but I would like to get this seniours class going over on the West coast, all other sports Like golf and tennis etc seniours is over 50s so I dont understand why people are skepticalabout the termanoligy.

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    Well as far as a name for class, here is what I came up with and why; the ski class has a "masters" class-you have to be 40 to enter(I'm 50). so why not Jedi Master Classs-50+.
    I know 1 guy that races a silver VXR regularly, and he's close to 70!!! I've raced against him a few times around our little buoy course here, and I have to give up after a few laps-I'm just not in the shape I used to be(bad back).
    another idea is Expert Master class.........
    I also think that next years Mark Hahn 300 should have a "Senior Master Class"(another name I thought up) for those that are 50 and over...that's one heck of a long race for anyone to complete....but for the 50+ class, it's even harder
    and no, I can't participate-wish I could...but imho we do need a 50+ class....
    good luck.

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