Ok I must first say that I have little mechanical knowledge and am rather new to PWC's in general.

So a few months ago I bought a yamaha gp1200r (year 2000), my 2nd one. This particular ski has had alot of modifications done to it, most of which I don't really know much about (my downfall). I had my mechanic (austin jet skier) put a new motor in it after it locked up (boooo). It has the premix conversion and I always use amsoil synthetic at 32-1 or 40-1. The guy I bought it from said to disregard the warning lights because they weren't hooked up. He gave me an explanation and I can't remember what (my bad again).

After riding the newly rebuild ski this weekend after about 30-45 minutes of fast riding a warning light came on that said W.TEMP. Now I know when I asked my mechanic he noted that one of the sensors was not hooked up and dangling down in the back.

So my question is: Why did the light come on at all? Why after 30-45 minutes? Is this something to be concerned about? My ski has 5 pissers, 3 on the back seat which when I watched the left one was coming out good while the middle one would trickle and the right one hardly anything at all.

After talking to my mechanic again he said he did not know why the warning light was coming on and that I could order a chip that basically tricked the system to not show it.

I'm very concerned at this point as I've already put alot of $ into this ski. My only thought why the light comes on is that the sensor is just picking up heat from inside the hull after riding a while?

How do I know that I'm not overheating my ski? How do I know that is getting cooled properly? thanks so much for any advice!