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    Exclamation Update from failure of SC on both RXT and RXP after Dealer winterized / dewinterized

    Here is a link to prev. thread from this summer:

    Long story short I had both ski's (running well last sept. 2011) winterized by dealer, Dewinterized by dealer in June. Both Superchargers on both ski's were failed after dewinterization, discovered on first trip out on the lake at the same time. (very coincedental) Both ski's are less than 130hrs total (SC's never rebuilt)

    July / Aug. Dealer split the cost 60 / 40 with me paying about 60% and they rebuilt both SC's, pulled motors and flushed, pulled and replaced front and rear oil pumps etc..

    Aug took the ski's out for the first time post repairs, the both spool up and pull great, very happy.

    4 hours of run time and and the RXP Beeps / check engine light / shutsdown, won't restart and is not throwing a trouble code. Get it to the shore and towed back up to the boat launch with the RXT. RXT seems fine.

    Back to the dealer

    Dealer says broken timing chain (motor toast).. So sorry, Seadoo corp. no coverage / no good will. to bad for you thanks for buying a Seadoo...

    I talk to the Dealership / Service manager / Assistant Manager and owner: (Here they actually stepped up to the plate big time I think) FYI I bought them new from this dealer including trailer and have had dealer do all maint.

    They agreed to split all parts and labor costs 50 / 50

    New / rebuilt Crate seadoo motor from Bombardier for the RXP with 1 year warranty effective when Ski's get dewinterized in May

    R/D or RIVA Surge suppressors for both RXT and RXP

    New timing chain for the RXT

    RXT and RXP winterization 2012 / dewinterization 2013

    At the end of the day / summer / fall I was out the door for a flat cost of 3600. for everything in bold.

    Still can't wrap my head around how both SC's could have failed at the same time while (from my perspective) being in the dealers care, but I bet I don't have service issues in the future.


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    The timing chain is what usually fails first if they have not been cleaned out good enough after a ceramic SC washer failure.

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    Ceramic washers on 215 hp skis and 130 hrs. is a no no.

    Steve destroyed 2 sets of ceramic washers in less than 15 hours on NEW machines--

    What I have seen locally here is that once the damage is supposablly repaired, the machine is sold-- the chance of the guy fixing ALL the problems is very slim and every time a 4 tech goes down there is a significant cost.

    08's come with many updates including metal washers-- If I did not know how to wrench on these things and wanted to own a seadoo, I would have an 08 or newer.

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    I disagree with the fact that the machine should be sold after a sc failure...We have fixed countless pwc's after an sc failure and they are running strong today...As long as you do it right, there are no problems....

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    Gotta agree though, its a big job doing a 4tec salvage correctly after SC drop.

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    What do you call a 'correct salvage?' What is the normal thing to do on a 4 TEC once it has dropped an S/C?


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    If it had ceramic washers and they broke then pull the motor and clean out the oil screens and flush the motor extremely well.
    Rebuild the charger and you should be good to go.
    But I have seen people continue to ride for many hours on a broken ceramic washers.
    In this case the only safe thing to do is a complete rebuild of everything internal.

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    After SCer failure.
    Pull motor split cases and flush all ports
    Replace timming chain as what the heck do you think chews the washers up? the flywheel or timming chain and gear.
    Replace front and back pumps. Well I do. I guess you could inspect, but since im in there I just do it.
    Inspect all gears
    Pull the PTO apart and flush and clean it and reset/torq pressure reg. ( I have seen bits and pieces in the spring.
    Put back togethere and reinstall.

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