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    newbie looking for some input

    Hello everyone I am finally getting back into the PWC world after a long time away from the sport. After retiring from the Army I moved back to Lake of the Ozarks and felt it was time I picked the wife and me up some skies. After some swapping I got a hold of a 1994 750 ST, The motor is 30 over and is fresh still on brake in oil. I know the skis history and have about $250 in it. What should I know about these skis, my plan is to make this my wifes ski as I really want a standup as I have owned many in the past, 440, squarenose 701 superjet, 750sxi and so on. I would like to make the ST a bit faster as I will be riding it some, I know this ski will never be fast but any improvement I can make will help. Not looking for a speed demon just a fun ski to play on. I also have the chance to pick up a good running 750 TS for $350 does this sound like a good deal or should I pass. Sorry for all the questions just looking for some input.

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    Welcome aboard, mvmtoys!

    $250 is probably a fair price for a 750 ST. I thought about buying one for my nephew to ride--until I took it for a 'spin'. It wouldn't spin. It was a very stable, slow, and boring 'Ski. Might be good for the wife, probably good for fishing. I don't know if there's much you can do to speed it up.

    I'd suggest looking for a 750 ZXi. It will do about 45 and is fun & maneuverable.

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