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    Looking to buy Michigan

    I'm looking for a pair of yamaha ho skis. Less than 100. Hours in great shape. Please let me know if you have something available.

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    I'm just south of you in Dayton, OH and I have a 2009 FXSHO in blue with 14 hours on it, trailer, tube and every vest I own for $8800. I have had 2 Rotator Cuff operations, an elbow and have not ridden it in over a year. It had fuel line recall performed, oil changes and turned over periodically. It's a great PWC but I just took an early retirement and paid it off. Maybe it's half of what you need? I tried to post it on here but need 25 more posts, haha.

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    Hello , buy anywhere but Wonderland Marine west. They sold and shipped me a second hand ski and said it was a new one..... And it had been repainted and repaired...... john and paul mitter are the owners, Scott Michaels sold it to me. I made them all aware of the scam they had going. I even made a Video about them and the ski its on youtube..... Crooks

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    I know Michigan has struggled recently, but not sure you have enough cash to accomplish "Looking to Buy Michigan". Sorry, had to .

    Seriously though I was in South Haven recently at Van Der Zee Motorplex and they priced me a new 2013 FZS at a good bit below list. They also indicated they were "mod friendly" as they had one in the back apart for modifications for a customer.They had quite a few used units of various makes in stock too. Might want to check with them if they are within driving distance. I spoke to sales manager Joe Johnson (269-636-878.

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