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    07 rxt running rough

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum and could use a little advice on my new ski I purchased. It has 41 hrs on it.I took it out and ran it for the first time and it ran good at first but started to act weird. It would act like it was starving for gas and would cut in and out at lower and idle at 15-1600 rpms almost like it was misfiring( making a strange noise). I figured maybe it was bad gas since the tank was full when I bought and the previous owner said it had set up for 2 years. When I would run it at wot it would run fine at about 7900-8000 rpms at 70 mph. At first I thought it was bad gas but now I'm thinking it's the spark plugs. Maybe the old gas fouled the plugs. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    If you have 2 yr old gas in it, siphon it out and replace with fresh premium gas, fresh oil change and fresh plugs to start.

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