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    Exclamation Rotax Racing Intercooler Installation Istructions Needed Please!!!!


    I am french and I would like to ask where I can find the instructions for the rotax racing intercooler

    I've bought this part from jerry at 4-tec performance web site
    but jerry forgot to put these instructions on my package

    so it would be great if someone can send me instructions or some pics at [email protected]

    I will try to get these informations by Jerry but if someone can give me some help it would be really nice

    thanks to everyone and this is a great forum!!!!

    ps: Jerry if you read this you can send these informations to me by email


    rxp 2004

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    I didn't forget to put the instructions. There are no instructions with any of the Rotax Racing products. Common sense will get you far and you can get lots of help from the members of this forum.

    Did customs find my missing parts yet?

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    I have some instructions. Maybe I can scan them.
    I noticed though that on the RR vs riva the plumbing is opposite.
    The tube from the super charger goes to the left & the intake goes on the right.

    If you look at the riva instructions & notice where the tubes go it will be opposite on the RR IC. At least thats what the PPG info says. Does it matter on the air flow?

    The water IN is on the left & OUT is on the right if you're looking at the front of the IC.

    Rivas info

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    Smile Thanks To Everyone

    Hi Guys!!!

    Thanks For Help

    I Have Downloaded Informations On Riva Website

    It's For My Skis Dealer Who Needed It To Be Sure
    But He Is A Professionnal (i Hope... ) So I Hope He Will Do It Well

    So Many Thanks For Your Help

    Jerry I Have Send An Email To Chronopost About Missing Parts And They Answer Me Back I Have Had To Open My Package Before Accept It
    But As I Said You I Didn't Sign A Receipt And I Have Paid No Vat
    So Do You Think We Can Do Something Againt Chronopost Or Usps For This? (no Sign Means That There Is No Proof Of Delivery So Can We Ask For Having Some Money Back From Them???)
    Chronopost Tried To Come Again To See Me To Ask Me To Pay Vat But I Answer I Will Pay My Vat After They Move Their A.. And Do Their Job About The Missing Parts

    So I Am Waiting News For Them And I Will Let You Know If There Is Something New Jerry

    Thanks Again Guys!!!!


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    lol I had the IC installed wrong for the longest time...

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