Hey Chaps

So now it's Autumn in the UK and my poor Jetski decided to have a leaky head and let water into one piston, I've decided to pull the engine out and give her a little tidy up / tlc.

It's a nice ski, 951 Engine, Carb, 3 Seater.. millenium edition gtx. love it to bits, mainly used for pulling wakeboards (does it with ease) quite cool.

The engine is out (man that was a beast) will get some pics up...

I have a question though guys, I'm looking to ditch my cylinder head and get an ADA Sea Doo 951 Billet Head with 50cc Domes (seeing I'm in the UK and using normal fuel) not super or anything.

Looking at this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ADA-Sea-Do...item484526d7fc

Just wondering, I think my actual head could do with a small skim before I slap on a new cylinder head , but Im concerned in messing the compression. Any ideas what I can get away with, which will allow me to put the above cylinder head on. Obviously, I'll buy new (Stock) bolts etc to mount it all down..

Any tips / advice on the above would be great!