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    Thinking about buying a 2004 SeaDoo GTX Supercharged for $1,500 engine is locked up!

    I know a guy that wants $1,500 cash for a 2004 seadoo gtx supercharged
    it yellow and black and super clean
    he said the engine locked up on it, never researched it myself
    I want to use the trailer, wondering if i could make my money parting it out
    or find an engine cheap enough to resell
    i would like to know your opinions

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    Without wasting time, check classifieds for what used parts go for in actual sales and without knowing what all is wrong with engine, which is the most expensive part, you're flying blind.

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    hydro lock up or valve lock up or internal engine damage...

    Best case scenario the starter motor has shit itself if it is "locked up".

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    I have resurrected a couple of $1,500 projects. I probably spent roughly $2,200 to $2,500 each. One dropped a valve, (killed the head but the block was OK) the other lost a rod. (case trashed, head OK) Without any further info, you don't know what you are up against, but you likely will spend in that neighborhood. Suppose there is nothing major wrong, which is not likely. You will need to invest $1,200 for just rebuilt SC, new exhaust valves (a must!), gaskets, bolts. And you really should spend another $500 for bearings, new timing chain. If the block is bad, figure $750 for a replacement. If the head is bad, figure another $500 for it. I was lucky to buy a couple of late heads for cheap for less than the new 07+ valves cost. Maybe you can too, you would need to have some luck.

    So figure you have to spend $2,500. You now have technically bought the ski for $4,000, and have all the work to do to get it going again. Is this worth it to you? (it was to me, since I once worked as a mechanic and know what I am doing, and know what I have in the end...)

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    Those types of projects are great if you want to keep it for yourself. You usually make very little to nothing if you are thinking of buying it to flip it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    Those types of projects are great if you want to keep it for yourself. You usually make very little to nothing if you are thinking of buying it to flip it.
    +1. Expect the worst with a dropped valve. You wont make as much parting an 04 gtx as you would with an rxp or rxt. You wont make your money back fixing it. If it comes with a nice trailer would probably be worth a part out.

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