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    02 SEADOO GTX Di

    Just wanted to get some feed back on this ski and find out what issues these skis have.Brought 2 skis and a double trailer for $6000

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    1. The 2002 DI engine was much improved over the 2000-2001 versions.
    2. It is the most economical 2-stroke engine ever built
    3. When running right, they start up easy, run smooth
    4. When not running right, they are a pain to troubleshoot, can only really work on them if you have a Candoopro system, parts are expensive.
    5. Trouble spots are the fuel pumps (OEM ones are $$$$), regulator/rectifiers, air injectors, front crank bearings.
    6. If you are not handy, better find a good independent shop to help you, most dealers don't work on them any more. (and never knew how when they did...)
    7. The 2002 GTX DI is the first year of the large-body skis. That engine was really underpowered for that body. (was really designed for the 4-TEC)
    8. It is pretty much an underpowered turd compared to the 4-TEC versions. Low 50's top end.
    9. They are really stable, a true 3 seater compared to the 2001 and earlier "3-seaters".
    10. They are good skis for kids and the elderly. Put granny on it, she can ride all day on a tank of gas, won't mess up her hair, won't fall off. Put her on a RXP-X if you want to get that inheritance quicker, not this ski.

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