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    GTX 155 with appetite for wear rings

    I have a 2004 gtx 155 that I use for spearfishing. I seem to get 15 hours from each wear ring. wear ring is the narrow 155mm one.I have checked the bearings and they are fine.It has a plastic jet housing. There are times that i have 2 100kg divers with there gear on board.Maybe 230kg total. Yes I know Ski is overloaded. Sometimes we do 80 km runs. It takes a fair amount of effort to get it on the plane with all the load. Is it possible that the housing is flexing and distorting the wear ring. I have heard that there is an alloy or brass replacement jet. What is the concensus.Is is it likley that this is my problem ?
    Any advice appreciated.
    Also in the market to purchase a fairly priced 2007/2008 155 GTX

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    if you still have the plastic pump housing then you need to upgrade to an alum. pump housing

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    Yup, your pump is warped..It will keep eating wear rings till youu change it to a metal pump

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    I have an option to go a 158mm unit. Any ideas on what effect this would have. Would it drop cruse revs but kill take off. I also suspect not rev out. Anyone done this ?
    What is the best 155mm unit to find for it ?
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    All 4 tecs are 159..

    They just have different diameter props and thickness of wear rings

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    Well that makes it all a bit easier. Thanks for your help. Any idea if the larger diameter will work OK or is it a waste of time ?

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    All you have to find is a aluminum pump housing from a 215hp unit, install a new 155hp wear ring ( will have to use a shop press) and re-install your prop and you are good to go. Done that to 4 of my friends gtx and it solved the problem, never had a issue with them after.

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