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    SHO Cam Gears My Way.

    First rotate the motor over to where u can get the bolt out oppiset from top dead center. Take that bolt out. do not drop rotate againg till the 2 dots on the cams are up on the cam blocks for top dead center. Just get it close no need to be perfect if u do it this way.. once the dots are up put a zip tie on the chain to the exause cam gear. This will keep things from jumping. Put a pair of vice grips on the center of the intake cam. now loosen the top oil line bolt at the head for the chain tenisoner remove the fuel line and the 8 mil headed bolt for the oil dip stick. Now remove one bolt from the chain tenser. then loosed the other bolt and the oil line bolt slowly untill u can get some hemostats or something to remove the seal from the oil line to the head. carful doint drop it. now remove tenisor. Remove the cam gear bolt. Do not move the intake cam just move the chain its loose now leave the cam stainary. Remove the cam gear. Now put the intake cam on 5a. snug one bolt just a little now.
    U will now notice that the chain will not fit in the teeth although nothing has moved. So now rotate the cam just slightly toward the spark plug hole till the chain drops on the gear. Not much just a little. Now rotate the cam away to just put a little tenision on the chain. Now the tenisor has to be reset. Push and rotate the plunger untill u can get it down untill u can slide the little spring lock over into the groove so it will be pushed in and stay. Instrall the tensiner rembering that u have to also put the oil line with the 2 seals back on. Itstall tenisoner. install dipstick holder bolt and put fuel line back on.
    Now take a long entension or something and stick down into the motor and relese the teninsoe plunger of the lock by pushing lightly on the chain where the tensinor is. chain should now be tight. Tourqe the one cam bolt to 12.3. remove vice grips ,cut zip tie. Now rotate motor over using the starter , just bump lightly to make sure then rotate untill the other bolt hole comes up install and tourqe to 12.3. Now rotate over again to the other cam bolt and ck for 12.3 again. Crank over a few times ck over every thing button her up and enjoy more power.
    Hell u probly know all this stuff lol.

    Fell free to point out any errors in this. and share ur way.

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    anytime you working with the cam timing, you should turn the motor over by hand to ensure nothing is outta time, using the starter could be catastrophic if something wasn't just right....... just my opinion....

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