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    2004 R12X maintenance questions.

    Last August I bought an 2004 R12X with 44 hours on it.
    I love this ski! So glad I was able to get a 2 seater, so easy to jump this thing.

    So I just got done winterizing it, and now waiting for next spring so I can ride it again.

    I've been searching the web for some maintenance things, but thought I would start a post and hopefully get all the answers in one spot.

    Here goes:

    Oil: I've read that you can use Mobile 1 Synthetic, is this true? And is it the same oil that you buy for your car? The type I need for this ski is 10w-40 correct?

    Oil Filter: What brand are you guys using? I want to get the best filter I can.
    I see that K&N has them, what is the difference between the 2 though?

    Air Filter: Also looking for what you guys are using? Is OEM the only option or is there a better aftermarket option?

    Are there any other things I should do to help keep this thing running forever?


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    Im also interested, since im on the same page as you but with my F-15X. Not to hijack your thread but maybe you guys can chime in on what the 50 Hour service consist of. Thx

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    I use Rotella T-6 oil from Walmart, OEM Honda Filter and a good coat of CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion Spray [looks nasty] twice a year with a once a month coat of CRC 656.

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