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    My House "Sandy" Report

    This morning the tide got up pretty good and the wind and rain has been relentless. I love living on the water in the Chesapeake Bay, waterfront living is great but every now and then you pay the price to mother nature. So far I have power still, I have plenty of food and gas for the generator.
    The tide has not made it in my garages yet but I do expect it to get a lot higher the next high tide tonight and especially tomorrow.
    Here are a short video of my yard this morning at high tide.

    Time for some back yard fishing!

    click on picture to start video.

    Here is the view from my deck.

    Out my living room.

    Looking across the creek. They are more exposed than me.

    If I still have internet I will post some more later.

    Good luck all!

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    My House "Sandy" Report

    Looks like its time to hop on the ski's and get the "F" out. Good luck.

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    Be safe everyone.

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    Take care of your self and your loved ones, Tommy Jordan

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