Hey everyone. This weekend my buddy came down from out of state and brought me a big old box from Riva. Got my a thru-hull exhaust for my aS. Quick background on my ski, It was owned by Bombardier as a research ski and has 160hrs on the gauges but the motor was replaced before being sold to me by Bombardier. It has approximately 5 hours on it now so I believe it is still under the ECU restriction. The first few hours I rode it (before exhaust) I could only see 7700 rpms. Yesterday we took it out with the exhaust and I was now seeing 7900 rpms but started getting this weird throttle issue. The ski would basically shut off when at WOT. It seemed like it was forcing me to come to a stop then I could proceed gain. If I held it at the 7500rpm range there were no issues.

Is this a break-in side effect? I did not have this issue at all until we installed the exhaust. Could the exhaust possible be allow it to create more boost and we are hitting a boost limiter?

Just wanted to get your guys opinions on the issue.