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    Kawasaki 2002 1100 STX DI piston dilemna ( who to purchase from) need help

    I have called the 4 piston vendors to get a top end replacement piston kits. This is not a performance build
    but I checked with Weisco and Pro-x and they discontinued the STX DI pistons for this jet ski.

    This has left me with WSM and SBT as the only vendors left that have the a piston match to replace the pistons with. I have read mixed
    reviews, but nothing to give me a clear choice for this rebuild.

    I am having the the Cylinders bored over . 50 mm
    Would appreciate any input before I invest in the rebuild cost.

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    I believe about the only real difference between the injected skis and carb skis was the dish in the top of the piston for the injector. I dont recall how deep the dish was, but it may be possible to buy a good carb style piston and have a machine shop put the dish in the top as long as the piston is thick enough.

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    Get the WSM and you will be fine. Just be sure to fix whatever caused the problem the first time. That ski is very difficult to diagnose and repair properly without the right tools. I have used probably 20 of the WSM top end kits this summer alone with no problems.

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