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    Kawasaki 2002 1100 STX DI Piston dilemna ( who to buy from)

    I have spoken to 4 vendor for the replacement of the pistons for this STX Di model and ran into a challenge.
    Weisco and Por-x have discontinued the pistons, leaving only WSM and SBT that have the .05mm bored over
    KAW 2002 STX DI model pistons available. I have read several mixed reviews, and wanted the Pro-x sinc ethis is not
    performance build up. But looks like the two least voted on pistons are what I have left to work with.

    Looking for any one that has used the SBT or WSm and how have they held up. I only want to rebuild this jetski this one time.

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    Looks like they're available from Kawasaki;

    13029-3717 is the Piston

    13025-3706 is the Ring Set

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    This is the kit I bought for mine when I rebuilt it about 1 1/2 years ago.

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