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    Anti-freeze Kawasaki Ultra LX

    Hi guys, I recently bought an '08 LX last summer and it did not come with an owners manual.

    I'm a little bit confused on the whole anti-freeze process. I have burped out the water several times now, and it is stored in an above freezing garage. However I want to do the anti-freeze as an added safety measure. I want to do this just to play it safe.

    So, RV af, small garden hose, funnel. Turn ski on, pour 1/2, 3/4 gallon in the flush port, while running, once all in the system hit the thorttle a few times to blow a little out, and its done? right? Good to go for the winter?

    Thanks everyone

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    Yup. Or take a 55 gallon drum put it under the ride plate and use a submersible pump and hook it up to the flush port and run a couple minutes. After that start it up and burp the throttle

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