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    GP1200R Exhaust Gasket sealer

    First I was wondering if there is any benefit to opening up the holes a little bit in the exhaust manifold to headpipe gasket to allow more water
    circulation? Second, I was wondering if folks use gasket sealer on all three exhaust (metal to metal) gaskets or just the manifold and head pipe.

    I've been using: with good results but I used it on the large exhaust gasket between the head pipe and the rest of the exhaust the last time and
    think it may have leaked.

    So, question is......Use copper sealer on all three OR just the first two. it beneficial to open the holes (slightly) on the headpipe gasket


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    I use the spray can copper on this gasket and have not had any problems.

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    The guru's just apply a light layer of marine grease to the metal gaskets. That is the route I will be taking when it's time to tackle my mid shaft.

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    I like the grease route too if the black coating on the gasket is in good condition. Way easier to take apart and reassemble when you don't have to scrape and clean off everything.

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