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    Poor email follow up from both Riva and R&D - Is this normal?

    Hi Guys,

    I sent a really detailed email to both Riva and R&D on Friday asking some specifics on making some changes to an RXP-X 260 with no response.

    Is the lack of response normal e.g. they are busy or is it out of character?

    I looked at all of their kit available on their websites and the info on the forum and wanted to query a few issues before placing a large order.

    They probably get a large number of time wasters but i am looking to get an answer to my requests and get a large number of items purchased and shipped ASAP.

    Is this normal or should i pick the phone up?



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    best bet is to ask the questions on here than waiting for them to reply and get an unbiased opinion.

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    You sent on Friday. Then the weekend hit. Give them a coupla business days. And yes R&D can be slow to respond. Riva is usually pretty good.

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    Poor email follow up from both Riva and R&D - Is this normal?

    They both suck at cs from my experience

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