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    Pressure sensor rxp

    Hi guy can u use a 2006 gti na pressure sensor in a 04-05 rxp sc

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    the rxp sensor is a 2.5 bar
    check the sensor number it could be the same
    I bet brp uses the same sensor for both

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    Quote Originally Posted by aus83rxp View Post
    Hi guy can u use a 2006 gti na pressure sensor in a 04-05 rxp sc
    No, you can't, they are different. The MAP sensor on a NA ski is designed for ambient air pressure and vacuum, and the SC sensor is designed to measure boost as well as vacuum. Totally different ranges.

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    Pressure sensor rxp

    Ok thanks another question are all 4tec sc map sensors the same meaning 04-05. 06. 07up cause I've seen a blue label, black label, n green label.

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