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    2004 polaris 150 msx wont start

    Hello, I am new to this forum as well as the polaris jet ski. I do have many years experience with cars and truck repairs and a general knowledge of electronic fuel injection and ignition systems. The polaris was cranked and ran for about ten minutes a couple of days ago. It ran great, but then we noticed that the oil was milky so we changed the oil by removing the return line from the oil tank, removed spark plugs and spun the motor over until all the oil was removed. Then we refilled it, but it would only take two quarts of oil and shows full on the stick een after spinning it over many times.
    The problem I have now is that I have no power to fuel pump or the coils. All related fuses check good and I have even jumped power to the fuel pump, the pump runs but the motor wont..

    Does anyone here have any directions for my to follow so that I can diagnose this thing and get it in the water?

    Thanks in advance


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    Welcome to the Hulk! I am no expert on the 150's so take a look here for information relating to your ski. Page courtesy of K447. I am sure others with more experience will come along and chim in as well. Cheers.

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    Welcome! You live a place warm enough to still ride? I'm jealous!

    Issue #1... won't start. Got the lanyard in? Sounds like you have worn out your battery with all the cranking to pump out your oil. The ECU is sensitive to proper cranking volts. If voltage is 10.5v or less during cranking, the ECU will not power up the ignition system and fuel system... even though it will crank. Pull your battery, recharge it and try again.

    Issue #2... milky oil. When you ran the ski for 10 minutes a couple days ago, was it on the hose or in the water? If on the hose, where did you connect it in the ski? Does this ski have the flush kit installed (not stock)? Did you give it FULL water pressure through the hose... ie turn the spigot on all the way? Milky oil is not an uncommon MSX150 problem. Hopefully your issue was just condensation and your oil change will cure it... but I doubt it. The stock round oil tanks have water circulate through a chamber on the outer part of the tank for cooling. The main seal where the tank is pressed together can leak and the higher water system pressure leaks into the tank's oil chamber. This can be tested by removing the oil tank and pressure testing both water and oil chambers to see if it hold pressure... and thus doesn't leak. Another common way water gets into the oil system is through the little hole on top of the oil cyclone separator (attached to battery side of the stock oil tank). If there is water in the hull and it get sloshed/sprayed around... it can get in this hole. Or maybe you could have gotten water in this little hole while hooking up a hose to the flush kit connector which is installed right next to it in the raw water line coming from the heat exchanger to the oil tank.

    A couple other very important items you need to know and look for.
    > proper oil level is critical. Do NOT follow owner's manual or label directions.
    proper oil checking steps:
    with cold engine... start and idle it for 30 seconds... turn off (you don't need the hose for only 30 seconds of running on a cold engine)
    unscrew dipstick and wipe off... reinsert but do NOT screw it in... pull and read
    oil should be between 'just barely on the stick' up to the Add mark. Any higher and you are overfull! Oil level will rise as engine comes up to temperature.

    > check the intake tract hoses from turbo-to-intercooler and intercooler-to-intake... make sure you do not have any oily gunk in there. There is an emissions oil vapor recirc hose that comes from the oil cyclone separator to the airbox. If the oil level is too high... or if the oil foams up a lot from water getting in... this recirc line can suck the excess/foamy oil back through this line into the airbox where it goes back into the turbo and through the intake tract. Gumming up all the sensors, and making a big mess in your intercooler and eventually when bad enough the ski will run bad (due to sensors). Check this area and ensure you don't have the beginnings of this problem now. If you do, clean the hole intake tract.... and either eliminate this recirc hose or ensure you don't have too much oil/foam for it to ingest.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Here's service manual 'No Start' troubleshooting guide
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks Ripcuda, You gave me a good place to start. Can you tell me where the relays for the ecu is located? I dont have power to any sensors and the throttle does not operate as described.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dellis View Post
    Thanks Ripcuda, You gave me a good place to start. Can you tell me where the relays for the ecu is located? I dont have power to any sensors and the throttle does not operate as described.
    Be sure to check/recharge your battery... sounds very much like a low power issue.

    The main relay is the brown "box" beside and to the rear of the ECU. The wire harness leading up to the main relay has the System Interface box (SIFB) attached to it and hanging there (just FYI).

    Good luck... let us know how it goes!

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