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    96 Wave Venture 700 or 97 Wave Venture Wave Runner 1100?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have the opportunity to buy either a 1996 Wave Venture 700 c.c., jet drive rebuilt in 2011 with about 20 hours on the rebuild, or a 1997 Wave Venture Wave Runner 1100 with 182 hours on it but with some bottom hull damage (that has been repaired, no leaks).

    I know the 96 doesn't go as fast as the 1100, but the hull on the 96 is very clean and sparkling where as the 97 looks like it's been used, not necissarily abused, but used.

    Any comments to help me decide would be appreciated.

    I'm a first time buyer of a pwc, but have been boating for years with a 21' center console. I'm looking mainly just to play around on the water when I don't feel like getting the "big" boat out. Possibly do some towing, not really sure. Usually do that on the boat. Not sure about doing 360's and all that stuff, but wondering if I will grow bored with the 700?


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    I've had a wave venture 700 for 15 years and haven't gotten bored of it yet. If the 96 is in better shape I'd personally go for the 700, but that's just me. Either way those things are stone cold reliable.

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    I own two 1100 Wave Ventures and I really enjoy them. However, if you just want to have fun and are not into the "go fast" scene then the 700 would probably be cheaper to own and maintain.

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    And the 700 uses WAY less fuel.

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    Every 1100 i have ever parted out has always been lower hours and the engines grenaded and grenaded hard. This summer alone I parted out 3 700's with over 350 hours on them. 2 of the 3 were sold to me as part skis due to locked up jet pumps, not the engines going out. They do not get more reliable that the 650 and 700's.

    Go with the 700, with the amount of hours on that 1100 i am surprised it has not blown the engine at least a couple times. Also the fact that it is evident it was ridden hard and put away wet probably means it was not take care of properly.

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