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    Transom Plate Sealing

    If you have a transom plate that appears to be well sealed from the factory (bead of sealer all the way around the edges) is there an advantage to pulling it just to plug the mold cavities in the top half and accessable only by pulling the transom plate off? I don't think plugs come for those in the plug/seal kits for the pumps and grates, and its a good bit of work if there is no benefit.

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    I did it for peace of mind. It really wasnt hard at all. Just a little time, effort, epoxy and 5200. If you have the pump off you might as well yank the transom plate!!

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    Filling that will give you a better sealing surface. If you have water in your hull after riding, it's probably coming from somewhere around the transom plate and resealing it with that void filled will eliminate it. I used marine epoxy on one of mine and Marine-tex (gray) on the other. So far, neither seems to be better than the other.

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