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    My ski won't idle. Revving too high.

    I just bought a 1997 tigershark Daytona 1000. Took it out for the first time last week and it ran good. But it had old gas in it, so today I drained the tank, put new gas in it and fired it up. But now after I start it, it revs up too high. Way too 5500 rpm. Hitting the throttle will make it go higher, but it won't go back down. I shut it off and tried it 3 times, same result. Except the third time, I couldn't get it to shut off. I even pulled out the lanyard, and it still remained a high rpm. The only way I was able to shut it off was to pull the choke. Any ideas?

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    check/replace throttle cable or adjust idle if that ski has that.


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    Thanks for the reply.
    unfortunately it's not that simple. The cable and adjustment are fine. I took the cover off and the checked the position of the 3 throttles. All are good and closed. But it still keeps revving and running away from me as soon as I start it...even with the throttle closed.
    Now I'm thinking it may be an air leak, but I have no idea how to diagnose that.

    Its also strange that it ran fine last week, and now that I have clean fresh gas in it, it's revving up on me. I'm not really a firm believer in coincidences.

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