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    R5WaterXRacing BREAKING NEWS....

    R5WaterXRacing BREAKING NEWS!!!!

    The 2013 R5WaterXRacing Tour is very excited to announce the following NEW FREESTYLE CLASS FOR THE 2013...800 Freestyle Class!!!

    800 Freestyle Class Rules

    This class is designed and created by the competitors for the competitors; this class is geared towards fun, cheap and innovation. It’s a class for those who want to get into freestyle competition but do not want to spends thousands of dollars for an aftermarket set-up or hull. This class
    is open to anyone who has a OEM stock un modified hull with few or no modifications with a Max 800cc engine configuration and who wants a taste of “Old School” freestyle.

    Below you will find the rules for The 2013 Innovative Freestyle Class and per the IJSBA this WILL BE a IJSBA World Finals Qualifying class. You MUST compete in at least one round of an IJSBA sanctioned event to qualify for world finals competition.

    1). Top and lower decks MUST be of the original OEM Style as supplied by the manufacturer.
    2). Hull and deck repairs may be made, However these repairs must not alter the standard configuration by more than 2.00mm (0.08 in).
    3). Engine hood may be modified or aftermarket.
    4). Top deck nose piece may be modified or aftermarket.
    5). Fuel fill system and tank may be modified or aftermarket.
    6). Handle poles may be modified or aftermarket.
    7). Steering and steering components may be modified or aftermarket.
    . Side Sponsons (tubbies) are allowed.
    9). Ride plate, Intake grate may be modified or aftermarket.
    10). Impellor may be modified or aftermarket.
    11). Pumps may be modified or aftermarket.
    12). Aftermarket trim system will be allowed.
    13). Tray Mats may be aftermarket
    14). Aftermarket Lifters, Foot holds are allowed.
    15). Battery Tray may be relocated.
    16). Thru hull Scupper Valves are allowed.
    17). Aftermarket bilge systems are allowed & recommended.

    Engine & Fuel System:
    1). Engine MUST be a max displacement of 800cc.
    2). Ignitions may be modified or aftermarket.
    3). Carbs may be modified or aftermarket.
    4). Primer kits may be used.
    5). Fuel on/off switches may be modified, relocated and or aftermarket.
    6). Exhaust may be modified or aftermarket.
    7). Driveshaft may be modified or aftermarket.
    . Driveshaft coupler may be modified or aftermarket.
    9). Engine compartment foam may be modified or removed so long as the foam surrounding the fuel tank stays in place.
    10). Waterbox may be modified or aftermarket or relocated.

    We look forward to the 2013 season and will be releasing more info on NEW classes and formats in the upcoming weeks.

    If you have any questions, suggestions & or comments regarding this new class please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 214-498-3592

    Please stay tuned to our facebook page as well as our website at for more details and upcoming 2013 schedule.

    Thank You,
    R5WaterXRacing, LLC
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