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    Adjustable steering stuck in low position on my Ultra LX due to hurricane Sandy


    I have a 2007 Kawasaki ultra lx. I had this fantastic ski stored away in my garage when hurricane sandy hit my jersey shore house. The water got so high in the garage that the ski floated (with the trailer) in my garage and the handlebars punctured small holes in the garage ceiling wallboard. The ski did not take on water. I thought all was well with the ski and that it survived the storm until I noticed that the handlebars seemed lower than the lowest setting that I had them set at. after looking closer I can just about get my finger in to pull on the handlebar adjustment lever under the soft rubber cowling around the handlebars. When I pull on the lever I can not pull the handlebars up. Something is jammed (I hope not broken) from the handlebars jamming into the ceiling. I cannot get to all of the screws on the underside to remove the soft rubber cowling to see what the issue might be, because of how low the handlebars are so low. Steering still works though. Any ideas of what I might try to unjam the handlebars would be appreciated.

    thanks, Joe

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    Adjustable steering stuck in low position on my Ultra LX due to hurricane Sandy

    Unbolt them from the base pull them out then you can look at them there most likely damaged good news is there's tons of oem used replacements out there for cheap.

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    Can't you just pull them up using good old muscle

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicjak View Post
    Can't you just pull them up using good old muscle
    I tried pulling and actually adding force by pushing with my legs at the same time while sitting on the ski. I downloaded the parts diagram for the handlebars, from the Kawasaki web site, so that I might understand what might be jammed or broken since I can't see too well inside due to not being able to remove the cowling. Just thought someone may have experienced this sort of issue with the handlebars.

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    I have an almost new OEM steering setup that I would gladly offer to the OP for the price of shipping to him. PM if interested.

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