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    Do I need to upgrade the battery / charging circuits??

    I will be running 2 x Rule automatic pumps, a CMD unit with the LCD Display, 4 or 5 other LED / LCD gauges so will the stock electric set up handle this or do I need to upgrade??

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    I dont think its an issue, the pumps dont pull too much and wont be running the whole time, and the other mentioned electronics will not be pulling much either, worst one is lambda during warm up...

    I keep my skis on a optimate 24/7 just helps to keep the batterys healthy, and shos up red when the bettery has failed its "test" cycle so you know its time of a new one, about evry 3 seasons for me.

    Halfords sell one that I have been using for over a year, its in the motorbike section, it was rated for upto 1400cc but when I looked at what it could charge my betters were well within its limits. Was like £27.

    They also sell castrol 10/40 motorbike oil, thats not too sad either, esspecially for the money Its Jasa rated which means its good for wet clutches, I have heard from a few different sources that the BRP oil is castrol anyhow.

    Hope that helps R88

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