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    Plug wire and coils???

    My question is this, do the plug wires unsrew from the coil packs, so that one might replace the plug wires?

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    No! they are bonded but you can send them out to be replaced! Z

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    Jet Ski Solutions will change the wires out.

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    Not that I have them, but I've seen Nology wires for these. I'd have to send the coils out to have the wires installed? That's odd.

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    I bet ?? but will not suggest that you could swap them?? They bonded the wire into the coil however I have some spare coils that I might play with to see if u can replace the wires! Z

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    I have a pile of new 785 pro coils that will work in any Fuji motor. $30.00 each...Contact me direct at [email protected]

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