hi all, well, I've taken the first steps to gain stability in the RXT X 260 RS (European model) I installed:

R & D intake grate: gives better guidance and greater water loading

OEM sponsons RXT X 2012: incredible stability that gives high speed, as in the center of the 3 options in the sponsons

Now I wont to do based on my previous experience in preparations, in my old Sho 2009 Yamaha motorcycle pass 70-76 with just modify:

R & D intake grate
sound suppressor

But now reading forum Greenhulk I find that it is not so easy to change my current bike: (

Qusiera reach 77-78 but I look forward to modify the electronics, I wonder if there is way to make it run like the Yamaha is not necessary to modify the electronics to run.

had thought that as my bike is about 100 hours, put a http://www.4-tecperformance.com/inde...ex&cPath=18_63
together with http://www.4-tecperformance.com/inde...oducts_id=2048

you think?
Please, I need help.