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    Question Seadoo XP '96 - wont turn over after 4-5 starts

    battery that came with the ski would start it 4-5 times, then ski would just beep.... Walk away for 20 mins and it would start/turn over 4-5 times again.

    Bought a shiney new yuasa battery as recommended in manual, and guess what - doing EXACTLY the same thing..

    Anyone able to point me in the right direction to hunt this fault down?

    If this has been posted before and i missed it while searching, I am sorry!


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    You saying the engine will turn over, but not start? First stop would be to make sure everything is connected right. Especially ground wires.

    Look there for what the one beep could be telling you. Pretty sure only one beep means the the lanyard isn't connecting right and the MPEM isn't letting it fire. Possibly clean the contacts on the lanyard and see if you get 2 beeps when connected. Then I'd check the starter.

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    Sounds like a problem in the 278000510 mpem but hard to say without hearing further details. Also if you don't know, a 787/947 Sea Doo gets all it's energy for starting and running from the battery so if you have a good one, you've eliminated the charging system as the culprit.

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