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    2000 GTX - Well, filled oil tank with gas

    To make a long story short, had some help with winterizing and gas was put into the oil tank. The oil tank was fairly full but maybe 1/4 gallon made it in (all the way up the hose). I pumped out most of it but could not get it all (mainly the rear part that is lower than the rest of the tank). I found one thread that said to drain it completely and replace the oil filter, so the first question is how soon does this need to be done? Do I need to do it next weekend or can wait until Spring?

    Also if I drain it there will still be some gas in the tank, mainly residue, but will still be a small amount. Is this going to cause any problems? Anything else I should do?

    My plan is to drain the tank, drain the oil from the pump and replace the oil filter. Is that sufficient? I am also going to put some oil in the gas when I run it in the Spring.

    If all that is not needed please let me know. Or if more should be done please let me know that also.


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    i'd just leave the cap off the oil so the petrol evaporates during winter storage.

    Put about 10 litres of gas in the fuel tank next spring with oil so it gets double oil for a while. that way you will have flushed all the gas out the filter etc

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    So you premixed your oil tank did ya - if you got all but a small corner of the oil tank drained - dont worry about the amount of fuel delution in the tank.. The oil will be mixed with fuel from the engine anyway..

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    Thanks for the replies. So it sounds as if I should add some oil to the gas tank to be safe and I should not need to drain the oil tank completely and change the filter. Sound correct? Even before this happened I was thinking of extending the oil line so the filter is in a more accessible place as I saw in other posts (with one threading it under the gas tank to the front under the storage bin), so I may be changing it anyway.

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    You would be fine if you just premixed the gas for the first tank and called it good but honestly it is so quick and easy to change out the oil filter that I would do it just to be safe. Still run the first tank of gas in the spring pre-mixed. They run about $13.00 new but if you have a problem getting one than for the cost of shipping, prob. 1.88ish I can send you a used oil filter from one of the parts ski's i have.

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    Should I use 40:1 premix? I do have a filter, just never put it in yet.

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    Since you got the majority of the gas out of the oil and once you pull the oil line from the oil pump any gas should theoretically drain out of the oil pump You would probably be alright going with a lesser mixture but since you are pulling the line and filter I would rock 40:1 for at least a few gallons just in case you end up with some air in the lines. I know is aid run a whole tank before but after I thought about it running an entire tank of gas pre-mixed with the oil pump still going is over kill so do it with a few gallons and make sure everything is kosher and then fill her up with your regular gas and rip and roar.

    It may not hurt to clean your rave valves and change your spark plugs after rocking the pre-mix also.

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