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    Unhappy 98 Seadoo XPL Jet Pump Overhaul

    Hi all. Im new to this site. Took my 98 seadoo xpl to the shop this morning to find out what the noise was coming from the back end of my ski. Waited by my phone for hours to find out the news. I could not believe it when the service guy told me it was going to cost me $1600 to overhaul my pump. Is this the going price? Or maybe a little bit expensive?

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    98 Seadoo XPL Jet Pump Overhaul

    God no! Look up the parts in the Greenhulk store. A rebuild kit is prob 50 60 bucks. What did they say was wrong with it ?

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    Mine went last year and was in to bad of shape to rebuild so I ordered a comlete used one off of ebay for around $300, pulled the cone off, all bearing were good and then put new jet pump oil in it.

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    They are replacing just About everything. Only good part in it was the impeller . $110 an hour for labour.

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    Buy a used pump. If your prop is still good, you should be able to find one for a couple hundred bucks.

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    If your impeller can be reused, a brand new oem pump from top to bottom only should cost around $500 at dealer retail. I would love to see that estimate and how they came up with that crazy figure! Sounds though like they're doing what many dealers do... trying and scare you into buying a new 4 stroke. Buy a new complete pump kit or used pump and put it on yourself. If they gave you that crazy estimate it's already off so they did half the work.

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    You can buy a complete SBT pump assembly for only a few hundred. Its everything minus impeller.

    `98 is one year only pump assembly. You need to replace with a 99 and up. To do this only thing different is to removing the thick stainless spavcers directly behind pump on mounting studs.

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