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    Seadoo RX Rectifier burning hot!! Limp mode- help

    Picked up a super cheap RXDi- Previous owner had a brand new engine put it, took it out one time and had issues with it going into limp mode and died. So they sold it.

    I replaced the fuel pump (only pushing 50psi) and took it out for a ride . The ski runs great for the first 15 minutes or so, then beeps and flashs maint light and goes into limp mode. I have a brand new battery in it also. When I started checking wires, i felt the rectifier to make sure it was plugged in and it was EXTREMELY hot!! I replaced it only for the new one to do the same thing.

    What options do I have to diagnose what is smoking Rectifiers? Where are common ground points I can check to make sure I have solid connections? Any ideas?

    Im not getting a 12v low mesege, only MAINT.

    Thanks in advance!

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    A regulator / rectifier will get very hot to the touch - that is why it has cooling fins and a metal body - that stator has an output constant with engine rpm's - as the battery is brought up to full charge and no longer needs the output from the stator - that un-needed output is bled off as resistance to flow and thus heat exchange..

    You need somebody to read the fault history in the mpem to determine the cause of your limp mode..

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