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    Great deal on 04 MSX110.... What to look for when picking it up

    Hey guys, I found a great deal on a Polaris MSX110, it's an 04. The guy was asking to trade it for a lifted golf cart, but I didnt happen to have one haha. I did however have a nice set of clubs that I rarely use, and offered those plus 1000 cash. A nationwide Craigslist search showed most people are asking about 3-3500 for these skis, so as long as its in good shape it seems to be a great deal. Is there anything specific I should be looking for on these skis when I pick it up? Also what should the compression be on these? Insearched the forum and it seems that these should be pretty reliable as long as he hasn't overfilled the oil from the dipstick that is a tad long on these. Any other advice would be appreciated, thanks a lot


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    They are pretty cool looking skis. As far as reliable....ehhh I wouldnt agree with that. They are sensor NIGHTMARES. If you know Webber sno engines, then you can work on this ski. Here in Florida, there are no snomobiles, so not ONE single dealer, nor private repair shop will let a MSX on their property, let alone work on one. Some guys on here have them figured out, and have fairly good luck with them.

    I got a steal of a deal on one myself, rode it twice then SOLD IT! I believe polaris was way ahead of their time jumping into 4 strokes, and crammed a turbod snomobile engine in there.. cool idea, but also put them out of business...

    If I were you, I would ride it before you buy it. Turbos can go bad easy. MAKE SURE if you start it on the trailer you put it in reverse, or it will rev to the moon! Put it in the water, run the hell out of it and see how she does.

    There is a reason hes selling it for 1k and a pair of clubs.... Just sayin. Know what your getting into and dont be disapointed when your pulling your hair out testing/ replacing sensors often.

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    If you are ok with doing the work yourself, all the info you would ever need is here. Parts are pretty much all available for it. Just spend some time reading up on it here.

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    The MSX110 is a one year wonder... 2004 only. It along with it's more powerful sibling ('04 MSX150)... are the only Polaris 4-stroke, Weber engined, twin cylinder, 750cc, turbocharged watercraft. Polaris got out of the PWC biz after 2004 so there were no follow-up years to fix/improve/perfect the MSX110/150 skis. That said... the same engine (w/ slight differences) was used in a number of Polaris snowmobiles after '04.

    Plan to work on the ski yourself. There are very few Polaris dealers who will even bother with them anymore. They require the dealer-only Polaris Digital Wrench diagnostic software and a specal MSX-specific wire harness connector to read and reset the trouble codes. While Polaris dealers still use DW... hardly any have the MSX-specific connector anymore.

    New parts are still available... though tend to be pricey. There are a few Weber specific parts houses. There are usually a few parted out on fleabay as well when looking for used parts... used parts are very pricey too.

    Likewise, with so few sold/left... there is a pretty small online knowledge base for these skis. Basically what you find here in the 'MSX/Matrix' section. But there should be enough if you decide to make a go at it.

    So if your still thinking it sounds like fun... here is what you need to look for.
    > Compression should be 145# (+/- 15#)... low compression is bad of course, but could point to Nikasil plating failure in the cylinders which require bore and sleeve or replating. Can't just buy piston rings... gotta buy the whole piston to get new rings.

    > Make sure the oil on the cold dipstick is not all the way up at the "full" mark. This would be way overfilled on a cold engine. Proper oil level check procedure is with a cold engine... start (w/ reverse lever engaged) and idle for 30 secs, turn off. Unscrew dipstick from oil tank, wipe, insert but do NOT screw in, pull and read. Oil should be between 'just barely on the stick' up to the MIN/ADD mark... but NO higher. The oil level will rise as the engine warms up. Too much oil is trouble and it commonly get blown into the cyclone and sucked back through the recirc hose and into the intake tract. (see next item)

    > Pull the turbo-to-intercooler and intercooler-to-intake hoses and check for sludge/oily mess. This engine is known to ingest oil back into the intake tract through an oil vapor emissions recirc hose. This wrecks the 2 MAP sensors and fouls up the IC and causes lots of headaches and poor running. With hose off, shine light and peek into IC as best you can... see you detect any gunk in there.

    > Check oil when cold and after you run it. You don't want to see any evidence of water/coolant in the oil... foam... sludge. This can be caused by a few different issues... but it's bad either way. Could be a leaking oil tank letting water in... or water getting in the oil separator cyclone... or bad water pump seals... etc.

    > Check the turbo wastegate arm. Grab it and push downward... it should move about an inch and snap back shut (spring tension). These are notorious for seizing shut and are a PITA to get free again. Ski will overboost with seized wastegate and go into limp mode. Just make sure it's not seized.

    > FYI... ski requires Premium fuel (cause it's turbocharged) and expensive [Polaris Marine PS-4 Synthetic 15W-50] or [Mobil 1 15w-50 Synthetic] oil

    > FYI... coolant should be pink in the reservoir... I'm not sure if the green stuff is the correct stuff to use... but it would indicate it's been changed and not by the dealer.

    > FYI... ECU is very sensitive to worn out and/or old batteries. If while cranking to start... the ECU doesn't see at least 10.5v... it won't power up the ignition system... and the ski won't start. Easy fix... recharge or replace the battery.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. The skis are pretty sweet with lots of power when they run right. They are also very easy on fuel... not gas hogs... which is another plus.


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    Thanks for all the great information guys- Cuda- that information will be invaluable when i go to pick it up tomorrow! thanks a lot man.

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