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    2012 Hydro Drag Results and Event Overview

    It looks like this event was a huge success. I hope to see you guys out there next year
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    Is a Hydrograg like a Hydrodrag?

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    Just an fyi Kerry Hibdon is from tn not ga.

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    Jerry its true that this year the first price in unlimited was 4000.00

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    Thanks for posting and thanks to all of those involved at putting the event on. Everyone has their opinions about the races, myself included, but I know it is a big task to do. Just coordinating a small local ride is enough, I cant imagine all the work and preparation it takes to put something like this on. Maybe for next year those involved can reach out to some of the locals to lend a helping hand? I am sure folks will volunteer to help out. I know I would.

    It was a good turn out and glad I entered. I will certainly see you all again next year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fast1197r View Post
    Jerry its true that this year the first price in unlimited was 4000.00
    First prize in unlimited drags was $1500.00

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    Congrats to all the WORLD CHAMPIONS
    Dan O'keefe Unlimited
    Kerry Hibdon SS and Limited
    Troy Snyder Stock
    Eric Lagopoulos na and Arm wrestling champ
    Joseph Mastrapa and Manny 101.7
    Scott Rice 94.8 ss
    Kerry Hibdon 89.6 limited
    Ron Allison 79.7 Stock on a Yamaha
    Chris Anyzeski Freestyle
    Taylor Sims ski
    Chad Hudgins sport
    Eric Lagopoulos 800
    Trot Snyder 1200

    Good Job to all who raced this was a fun event even for us 2nd place finishers everyone who was there had fun.
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