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    1100 Zxi.. fuel mixture coming from the exhaust

    I am helping a buddy work on his '96 1100 zxi... he cleaned out the carbs and said they looked good. Compression is good as well. When started on the trailer, there is a pretty significant amount of fuel/oil mix coming out of the exhaust. He bought it second hand, so I don't really know much about it. Seems to run good, but I know it shouldn't have that much fuel coming out the back. Any ideas what to check first?

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    The carbs really need to be rebuilt especially if they were taken apart. If you have raw fuel coming out of the back, you probably have a stuck needle. don't run bad gas through those carbs either because it will wipe out the needle. I learned that the hard way

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    Keep in mind that, on the trailer, there is no load on the engine and it will run rich. These things also smoke a lot when idling, too.

    Make sure to inspect the oil lines for cracking. They should probably be replaced.

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    Steve is right. They smoke a lot out of the water starting from cold. Best check is right after a good ride when you pull out to see what its like then.

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