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    2002 seadoo gtx 4 tec , hull damage , worth repairing or should i scrap? 80 hours

    My friends wants to sell me a 02 4 tec
    it has hull damage just forward of motor mount
    engine is removed, it never sunk
    he hit a log
    i can buy it cheap, worth fixing or is there a demand
    to part it out?

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    I just hauled a perfect '02 GTX hull to the scrap yard last month. I would have given it to you, since I had to pay $20 for the dump to take it. (It would have cost you a lot to ship it from here to you, though) There are probably others down in your area if you look around. There are a couple guys in GA and AL that part out a lot of skis, if you want to go that route.

    On the older 4-TEC's, the engine, pump, and electronics are where all the value is. Hulls are basically worthless. So you could just sell the bits and make out if the price is right. Or just look for a hull, since they are basically free or cheap.

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