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    Talking Polaris SL650

    Hello everyone! Im back! I decided not to sell the 650 and just take a long break from working on it and i now have the money and time to complete it. Today i purchased a new stator for a great price and will hopefully have the ski fully assembeled and running in about a month or so. If anyone has any reassembeling tips or tricks, I would love to here them! And just to let everyone know its completely apart and the i purchased a new stator, new starter motor and bendix, carb rebuild kits, and new gaskets. I look foward to hearing from you all! Have a good one.

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    I hope the carb rebuild kits are genuine Mikuni. How about addressing the fuel selector valve and fuel pump?

    Read the manual before you do any assembly to get familiar with the assembly process.

    Make sure to loosely install the exhaust manifold prior to torquing the cylinder base nuts. This prevents possible gasket seal issues later down the line.

    There are many rebuild threads that were started, including a 650. I'd suggest you read through them and see what others have encountered. Good luck

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