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    2007 Seadoo RXT (215) - Tune Up Suggestions

    Anybody out there have any suggestions on TuneUp kits for my 2007 RXT (215)? Are there any Spark Plugs out there that will out perform the "main stream" plugs? Same question on Oil Filters & Oil? Is it going to benefit me to "piece" the items together or should I just buy a kit to save some mulla? Cheers!!!! Jimmic2

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    just buy ngk plugs # 4339 get some K & N Filters # 566 and buy a good four stroke jsmao oil - basic 4 stroke pwc or motorcycle oil - Valvoline is about $5.00 a quart

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    Thanks Guys!!! Sorry for delay in response........busy with work!! Happy Thanksgiving!! Merry Christmas!!

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    Still havent taken care of this.....but have time over Holidays. I have taken care of getting the K&N Oil Filter. But was looking at the different plugs out there. I noticed that the NGK's are also called the DCPR8E and then there are some extra lettering on a few models. I noticed that they have one that has an "DCPR8e-IX"....which are the Irridium plugs.....can I use these? Will it benefit me at all to spend a few extra bucks per plug?? There were also some some extra letterings after some "4339-CR", "4339-NB" or "4339-AD"......which one do I use? Or do I just get the "traditional" NGK-4339's???

    Additionally........I had read somewhwre that I was NOT supposed to use Synthetic Oil with the Ceramic Washers on the Supercharger for the 2007 RXT. I have actually had the Ceramic Washers changed out to the Metal Washers (whole new rebuild kit).....can I start using Synthetic Oil now?????

    Thanks!! Happy New Year All!!!


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    Hello Jimmic2,

    Did anyone answer your questions above? I have the same sort of questions about putting the best plugs and maintenance items in my ski...Thanks...

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    I would stick with the stock NGK plugs and change them every year. You are not going to notice any difference going to a fancy spark plug.

    You can use synthetic oil as long as it's rated for wet clutches such as motorcycle oil, synthetic motor oil for cars is no good. Do a search on here for oils there is a lot of info to read. Personally I use non synthetic Castrol 10W40 motorcycle oil, valvoline is another favourite.

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