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    Rxp 2004 engine warning light after rebuild

    Hi guys this is my first post so I hope I've put it in the right section. Basically I'm after a bit of advice.My supercharger washers gave up the ghost after I was told they'd been changed for titanium ones and stupidly I didn't check and it turned out that they were ceramic. Anyway we took the engine out cleaned every particle of washer replaced the two pumps filters and flushed it through with two oil changes.put it back together and off I wet in the sea! The engine runs great and supercharger is working but when the engine is on low revs under about 2500 all is fine but as soon as the throttle is opened full a "check engine" light comes on.of I take off the key and re start it the fault clears until I go full throttle looks to me as if it's something to do with when the supercharger starts some kind of sensor etc if anyone could throw some ideas at me that would be greatly appreciated.

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    When it does this, and before you take the key off to clear it, press the "Set" button 5 times quickly, this should then show a P Code on the display. Used the "Mode" key to scroll to the next stored P Code. Write these down and post them back here. These will point you in the right direction.

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    Ok thanks for that will do it in the next few days

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