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    2003 polaris virage txi 1200 not running AGAIN!!!

    I was going to take virage out yesterday
    Wouldn't start.... Regular problem
    It's been a money pit!
    Has only 28.8 hrs, looks brand new
    Just put in new lr 503/505, can't remember number
    It ran bypassed.....
    Then I lost spark...
    Send Emm to dfi tech, $630
    They repaired it, said it was bad....
    I installed, I have fire now...
    But it won't start...
    My junk harbor freight fuel pressure guage is broken...
    It had at least 20 psi before I replaced Emm
    I released bolts some and fuel came out when I cranked engine.
    If I put fuel in intakes, it runs til fuel is burnt off
    I am out of idea..... Do fuel pumps go out often?
    Also compression is excellent.
    I have two spare fuel pumps, but a pain to swap out
    Is there a way to check it.
    I have owned a lot of skis, all brand, and have had zero luck with Polaris...
    Maybe that is why they are out of business
    I have way more money in this ski, then it is worth
    Like to sell, but need it running to recoup some of my money.

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    Link in my signature has everything you need to resolve your issue.

    The way to check the fuel pump is to use a working fuel guage.

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    If you get good fuel pressure then I would check the injector voltage. I know your EMM has previously been repaired but if it will run when you put gas in the intake its either low or no fuel pressure or low injector voltage most likely. You can make the fuel pump turn on by grounding the brown wire at the connector on top of the fuel pump without having to crank the engine over. Cheers

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    Clamp off the return line and see if it will stay running until you can get your fuel pressure gauge fixed.

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    Not critical to your diagnostics, but there were no TXi models in 2003. Last year for Virage TXi was 2002.

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    My title for ski says its a 2003 virage txi
    its brown in color
    but after searching I believe you are right....
    so it must be much more valuable having a rare year.... haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by quadracer22 View Post
    My title for ski says its a 2003 virage txi
    The last two digits of the HIN identify the year.

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    Ok.. update
    I gave up on my virage txi....
    took it to a shop for last couple months
    still not fixed....
    I have a complete parts machine...
    emm repaired at dfi, and other emm i have, have exact same problem
    I am sure both emm's are working right
    I never had spark, but have now.... after repairing emm
    have correct fuel pressure..
    starts when fuel is put in the cylinder and runs til fuel is gone
    injectors are only showing 14.5 volt, mechanic said
    thought they need 20 or something
    any clue what is wrong with it?
    Last thing I want to do is part out another polaris with 28 hours on it!!
    thanks for you help
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    Could be a stator problem or the flywheel magnets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    Could be a stator problem or the flywheel magnets.
    thanks, I will tell him...
    I have a another flywheel and stator off a 01 txi
    did I read somewhere they have an updated flywheel?
    If so, is that a part I can still buy from the dealer?

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