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    1998 yamaha xl 1200 wont start , no display , does nothing

    I took my yamaha out yesterday, always worked perfect.
    Started right up, left dock
    Couple hundred feet out , I got a warning horn
    It said volts, and ski died
    Thought just dead battery,
    Swapped out with good battery and still nothing
    No display
    No noise
    Usually when I solenoid goes bad it clicks
    But I think I would still get display
    I disconnected battery to try to reset several times
    Both batteries are good
    Tether installed, wondering if problem is there...
    If that wasn't working, I don't think I would get a display
    Any advise would be great

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    nobody ever have this problem?

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    hold the mode button down until "code" pops up, then enter the code

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    just figured out my problem.....
    where ground wire is bolted to engine is broken
    the case broke with ground wire still attached
    i never got under pipe to looked at it, just pulled ground wire out
    it fires right up if i ground.....
    now i have to figure out if its an engine case or what it is grounded too
    i noticed when i started it, two stroke smoke came out of lower engine area
    does anyone know?

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    If the case is broke and smoke is coming out of the bottom of the ski, do not start it again. You have serious issues and need to pull that motor and inspect.

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