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    Another Polaris SL 780 Partout

    Tore apart another SL780, bad cyl/piston. seeing if anybody needs any of it before it goes to ebay next weekend

    Full pump assembly - Skat Trak Impeller I believe, edges ok, couple of nicks, stator blades pretty good, drive shaft still on it, probly take off for shipping purposes but included 225/offer
    Steering nozzle - welded at the bottom, feels and looks solid (will include with pump if someone gets it)
    Crank 100
    Crank Case 50
    Motor Mount Plate 10
    Ride Plate - standard 10
    Water Box 10
    Cooling Rail 5
    Fuel Sender 10 - probably needs new float didnt have a gauge so dont know for sure
    Exhaust Crossover Hose 25
    Starter 30
    Full Ebox w/ coils,wires,cdi,v reg, ect, clean - 250/offer
    2 jugs - probly need bored or at least honed 20 each
    Stator - offer
    Handle bar pad - Red 25
    stop/trim handlebar buttons/assembly 25
    carbs 40 - need going thru before use of course
    flame arrestor top/filter/base 30
    Trim Motor and linkage 40
    I Have the seat, frames good, vinyl faded, would need recover, dont really want to ship it but if anybody close wants it before i take the hull in let me know - 50 (not gonna keep it cause it takes to much space and i cant use it)

    Open to offers on anything, I can also shoot pics and send via mail or txt

    still have the ski if theres anything else that someone would want, gonna take it to the scrap yard wed. just took off/out most things over the weekend, some other stuff is stuck on or in there and didnt want to f with it.


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    Anybody need anything on the list?? All offers considered
    Everything listed is still here except - FA, Stator, Cdi, case
    Also have starter bendix and flywheel

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    How about the pump extension/wear ring. Is it in decent shape? How much to ship to 39466?

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    I am interested in the crank...I sent you a couple of Private messages and have not heard back from ya. Let me know if you still have...send me a PM.


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