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    95 SLX 780 not starting

    I rebuilt the carbs and fuel pump with genuine mikuni kits, replaced all the fuel lines, filter, and cleaned the fuel tank. I removed the oil pump and blocked it and all the ports off. I replaced the spark plugs too. I put it all together and tried to fire it up and it won't start. The air won't purge from the lines. Fuel appears to be flowing but the air is not going away. I made note of where the fuel lines went from the pump to the carbs and put them back, but looking at the manual it looks like the PTO and MAG lines are backwards. Would that make a difference? I replaced the check valves in the fuel system too and they are installed correctly, I verified that. I'm not sure what is going on here, please help.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    Good job on your rebuild so far. Sounds like all the right stuff to tackle on a new-to-you ski. Running premix, right?

    You should have the stock 780 pentagon shaped triple outlet fuel pump. Make sure you have the main supply line and the pulse line hooked up correctly. The 3 outlets don't matter to which carb they go. Route them short as feasible and without any kinks. The return lines from the carbs should be hooked up in serial... one to another to another to the return line to the tank. The last carb in the chain has a built in resistor.

    Did you try to pull the plugs and crank the engine a while to see if you were getting any fuel spraying into the carbs from the pump? Has your fuel water separator filled up? Did you ever check your fuel selector switch (valve) to ensure it wasn't causing any blockage and/or hooked up right?


    P.S. "Aim High!"... former AF 8yr veteran myself

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    See if this helps.

    Try pouring some premix down the carb throats to prime the fuel lines faster. That'll help save the starter motor from overheating.

    Verify fuel hose routing is correct, shut off valve is working correctly as noted above, make sure the lanyard is installed, and try the mix down the carbs. Let us know what you come up with.

    PS: be ready to shut it down right away as the RPM will take off when the ski starts to run lean on fuel. This can sometimes lead to a "runaway" engine. That means the engine RPM will race and can sometimes not be shut down due to engine "run-on" or dieseling. The way to combat that is not to pull the plug wires off, but to either "A" choke the motor out by covering the carbs or pulling the choke lever. Or "B" holding the throttle Wide Open. That usually takes care of it.

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    Welcome - While you seem to have the fuel system covered, you do not make mention of the other two ingredients needed for a motor to run. Did you complete a compression check and what are the compression values? Have you checked spark with an inexpensive spark tester from any automotive parts store?

    If you have spark and compression, it should start with a little premix down the carb throats. If not, might want to check and see if you have accidentally flooded the motor with all that cranking.

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    95 SLX 780 not starting

    Thank you all for responding. Glad to hear from an Air Force brother! I probably shouldn't divulge this info, but after reading your replies it hit me like a ton of bricks!
    Stupid lanyard! I got home from work and it fired right up and ran like a top. Now it just needs to be run under load at the lake! It's gonna be chilly! Thanks for all of your replies!

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