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    performance water routing 1100/1200

    I have an 1100 in my blaster, and have the water routed as it was from the factory. I have seen some skis that have a flow control valve installed and 4 pissers, does anyone have a diagram of how to install a flow control? How many pissers can I run? I have a single 1/2" line in.

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    Here's a good thread on installing a Jetworks valve on a GP1200 which is very similar to the 1100 in your blaster.

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    I have a 1200 motor in my blaster, this is what I run.

    - 1/2" single line into manifold (just like stock).
    - Installed extra 3/8" out of head over cylinder #2, goes to pisser
    - the rear 3/8" out from the head goes to the headpipe (just like stock)
    - the front 3/8" out from the head goes to the other line in into the headpipe (like stock) but has a Tee installed. The tee feeds another pisser.
    - on the top of the pipe, out of the boot is a 3/8" line that goes to a pisser (just like stock)
    - the big middle out of the pipe is a 5/8" or something, I just squeezed a 1/2" line on there and it goes to a 1/2" pisser (similar to stock)
    - at the rear of the pipe is a line that comes out, then goes back into the stinger. This is where you put the flow control valve.

    So if you're counting, thats 4 pissers, 3 3/8" and a 1/2". The idea is to dry out the pipe a little without burning up your rear coupler. I've burnt one up already, and I removed the flow control after that happened because I think it was heating it up too much. I could still play with it and try different settings but honestly it has so much bottom end that I didn't feel it was necessary.

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