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    Vxs/r intake grate bracket brokennnn

    Hi guys

    So I swapped intake grate for testing and I can only blame myself I over tightened the bolts and went through the little ball edge on the bracket inside the hull

    The bolts still tightened really hard I put marine silicon under grate and in threat oof bolt..... Feels tight but don't know how it will stand up in water conditions

    Ill upload pics shortly

    I tried removing the stock bracket with heat but wouldn't budge, do you guys think it will hold up oor not worth taking the risk?

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    If you have siliconed the threads and the bolts are tight you should be fine. Many of the upgrade and stronger brackets have the bolts go clear thru the bracket, so essentially no different than what you have. The bolts and brackets on these are alot stronger than the older boats, which used tiny bolts by comparision.

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    The only thing im scarred about is, what are the threads hanging onto now? From water pressure is it possible for the grate to pull them out?

    Are these oem metal or a plastic fibre?

    Any tips would be appreciated for removal thanks

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    It looks to me like all the thread part is in place, you just popped off the top. The piece is metal, aluminum, and I would not worry about it, especially if you say the bolt is in tight and is sealed. No problem.

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    Makes sense what your saying, I do alot of ocean ridding and jumping
    I'm just thinking as I've over tightened it it may have spun the thread, the thread isn't threaded into the actual bracket is it? Or is it just glued in the bracket?

    I can potentially see how water
    Gets it, look to the right of this pic and the over hang of the bracket?

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    I wouldn't sweat it. If you still can tighten the bolts and they "felt" tight. They'll be ok. Just watch it Mr.... Attention to the details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScramblerKidd View Post
    I wouldn't sweat it. If you still can tighten the bolts and they "felt" tight. They'll be ok. Just watch it Mr.... Attention to the details.
    thanks for your reply

    can anybody tell me the torque setting for the intake grate and ride plate?

    finally found some 3M 5200 here in Australia, that stuffs real hard to find around here.

    ive ordered the oem replacement from yamaha in the states as there is none available in Aus. ill clean it all up and re-seal it properly.

    The ride plate inserts have not been removed for re-sealing..... i applied marine silicone to the top of the original brackets inbetween the ride plate and outside hull. around the bolt holes. if applied correctly im thinking this should seal it up nicely?

    thanks again guys

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