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    Rock'n Wrap Dinner!

    Had a great meal tonight. Rockfish or Striper whichever name you choose, I call them Dinner! Here is how I did it.

    First you got to get on your jet ski and catch one, this time I used live spot for bait.

    Stop at the store and walk the isles till something comes to mind. Get the goods and bring them home.

    Cut up the tomatoes, onions some carrots shreds and bread up the Striped Bass.

    Simmer the veggies on medium, then add some Asian Toasted Sesame to juice it up.

    Dip the rock fillets into some hot oil and fry it up lightly brown.

    Break up the fish and mix it all up in the pan with the simmered veggies.

    Have a cuke and onion salad for a side.

    Wrap it up and serve it up! It may be a little unorthodox but I liked it!

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    Nice striper... er... dinner (as you call em ). And you always inspire the cook in me. Looks delicious.

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