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    Ultra 150 Drive Shaft

    Hey guys,

    I'm after some advice on my Ultra 150 drive shaft. There is a single groove on the shaft roughly 2mm deep where the outside
    small seal sits - no grooves in the rest of the shaft.

    Other than replacing the shaft or having it repaired, are there double lipped seals available?

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    I think your best and maybe only option is to replace the shaft. Look on ebay, there are some used ones in good shape for 60-70 bucks. You definitely need to replace the seals in the drive-shaft bearing holder, might as well replace the bearing too. If the drive-shaft holder is the original one, I would replace it too cuz' those things are known for developing small cracks as they age which leads to massive amounts of water rushing in when they deteriorate.
    You can get an aftermarket one as an assembly with the bearing and seals already installed.

    To replace the shaft, seals, bearing and holder you will have to lift the engine high enough to get the shaft out of there.

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    Excellent. Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Ultra 150 Drive Shaft

    Wsm sells a nice one, just replace it due to age. Mine let go and it wasent fun to say the least

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    If you really want to fix it, have the groove built up with a carbide coating, then ground back to the original OD.

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